F I A D H A I C H E A D : W I L D S P I R T

Fiadhaichead: Wild Spirit

"It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Elliot

When I think of wild, I think of something that cannot be tamed. Fiadhaichead in Scottish Gaelic means, "Wild Spirit." Yet it is not unruly, nor is it dangerous or crass. In fact, it is the opposite. To be wild is to be free, yet contained; independent, yet vulnerable; shy, yet unabashed.


This line is inspired by Celtic tradition, my heritage as a sheep farmer, and the shyness of temperate nature.  Using American-made wool sourced from Pendleton Woolen Mills and sheepskin sourced from the United Kingdom during my travels I hope to convey an academic approach to a paradox in being both wild and tame.


Heather March

 Whistling Dixie Photography