Long Western Vest

Long Western Vest


Stand out in a heirloom vest in the classic O’ Field western style.

This capelet is made from a Pendleton Jacquard named Tsi-Mayoh, the Tewa Indian name for one of four sacred hills that soar above the Chimayó Valley and mark the cardinal directions. Apparently, the Pueblo Indians, who have inhabited New Mexico since the twelfth century, believed they shared their land with supernatural beings, and that the high flat crests of Tsi Mayoh and its three counterparts-each with a dreaded cave or subterranean labyrinth-were the dwelling places of the War Twins, powerful deities who guided the Tewa people from some mythological underworld to their present place in the sun.

• 100% Pure Virgin Wool
• 100% Suede ties
• Silver concho buttons
• Pendleton fabric woven in American mills
• Dry clean
• Made in Portland, Oregon, USA

*Pattern placement may vary due to fabric constraints, but the absolute care is taken to ensure top quality, beauty, and originality in every piece.

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